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February 24, 2011



Alan thinking challenges us and it is so good that he is traveling and speaking at so many locations. His message needs to be spread and shared. I have heard rumors of Mike Breen from my missional friends at Forge. I'll look into this book! This movement is catching on. Praise God!

Rob Wegner

Agreed! The movement is spreading and it is unstoppable.

Matthew E. Parrott

First of all I am excited that GCC has decided to focus on missional communities and to actively engage with those who wouldn't otherwise be found in church. However I am a little confused about some of your comments. First of all:

The religious gurus didn’t go up on the mountain and come back down with “the vision.”

I am not sure what you are trying to say here. You seem to be saying that this method is neither effective or correct, to which I wonder why? Many ministries actively have the church leadership get away for a few days to pray and receive God's vision for the ministry. Obviously God called Moses up the mountain to speak to him, pass by him, and give him the 10 commandments. If you hold to dispensationalist theology (which I disagree with), then maybe this comment in it's context makes sense. However, your next comment seems to indicate that your aren't (or at least not totally) since you clearly believe that God still speaks today.

God did not develop laryngitis at the end of the first century. The Spirit is still leading, guiding, prompting, and yes, speaking to his people.

If God is still leading, guiding, prompting, and speaking to His people, why not just listen to what He is saying. Why not have church leadership get together and pray for direction? I don't mean to indicate that GCC did not do that, rather I am curious to why your example of going up on the mountain and coming back with God's vision wasn't an option? My point is not really about what your doing or your methods, instead I just wanted clarity regarding your statements. As someone who very much believes that God speaks today, I have no problem with people going to a quite place and asking God for direction, it's necessary. So your mountaintop comment comes across a little offensive. Since you believe that God speaks today I thought that maybe wasn't your intent, so I am just wanting a bit of clarity on what you are trying to say.

Christopher Oakes

Any suggestions on how I can obtain a copy? Amazon doesn't have a lot of options.

Rob Wegner

Chris,you can order them at www.missionalcommunities.tv

Rob Wegner

Matthew, great question. It's both/and, not either/or. I fully believe that a leadership team of a faith community should get away, be still, pray, and seek God's guidance. In addition, I think the leadership team must find a way to include as much of their church as possible in the listening process for future vision. Honestly, I don't see many local churches include that second process. Usually, the pastor and a few key leaders go away and come back with the vision. I'm not saying that is wrong. I'm just saying as we include the church in that process, which we did over a year long process that included a web portal, focus groups, countless conversations and email, I believe you increase the clarity. Hope that clarifies. thanks for the comment.

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