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February 09, 2011



Hi Rob--
Good summary. To the list of influential modern proponents I would add a few others:

1. The book edited by Darrell Guder "Missional Church" (released in 1998 I believe) was groundbreaking in getting the Newbigin conversation going for a new audience/generation.

2. Tim Keller's ministry, punctuated by this brilliantly brief exposition of missional in 2001, was groundbreaking for many city-centric, culture-positive, church planting, and Reformed types. http://www.redeemer2.com/resources/papers/missional.pdf

3. Mark Driscoll's ministry and early books (Radical Reformission) helped many people articulate what a new generation was looking for in ministry.

In each case, Newbigin is explicitly credited as influencing this "new" form of ministry.


Brother Rob,

A good place to lay a foundation. Newbigin is profound because he has lived out Christianity and has been challenged by the multiple cultures and traditions that encompass Christianity throughout the world today. This perspective, viewing the Church from a global lens, will allow Western practitioners not only the insight of the Holy Spirit's movement in this time, but also His movement throughout the world and the amazing things He is doing outside the West. Continue reading Newbigin and add to your reading list Lamin Sanneh, Phillip Jenkins, Timothy Tennet, and others that are crying out for Western Christians to see what our Lord and Savior is doing throughout the world (consider that North America accounts for only 15% of Christian adherents in the world:2008) and how these movements may indeed breathe new life into Western Christianity. Finally, remember that Newbigin wasn't as concerned with any form of ministry as he was with identifying the Lord's will for the Church while bridging various cultural expressions of Christianity so that they might all serve the Lord together as one body. Perhaps most interesting is hIs diagnosis that for the Church, especially those in the Western Church, to move forward, there needs to be a reliance upon and acknowledgment of the Holy Spirit (which he wrote in 1950 during a ecumenical council involving Roman Catholics and Protestants). Newbigin is a brilliant because he walks with authority in places many of us have not and can remind us that at the end of the day it is not our conceptions of how we are following Jesus that matter but rather Jesus' direction and His church that inform our walk.

in His love,
rob french (a friend of bruno)

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