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November 23, 2010


Lawrence Evans

Love it... "… living in the flow of God’s life". The Greenlocker project the Rhema Project, great examples. Thanks Pastor Chad for removing another layer of scales from my eyes revealing more opportunities to serve God. May I continue getting to KNOW Him better so I can LOVE and SERVE Him more. Heavenly Father, may all your chosen let You MOVE inside each of us, so we can SEE what's waiting to come out. May we take that first step and move forward in missio dei.

Account Deleted

Nursing is becoming more and more technical and requires more sophisticated understanding of disease processes, treatments, and pharmacology. Nurses also want to be treated as professionals rather than semi-skilled workers. To these ends, the current trend favors four year degrees rather than the shorter programs. Many nurses opt to get a two year degree either at a diploma school or community college, then return to complete a BSN while they gain work experience. Some hospitals pay BSN graduates slightly more (mostly as an incentive to obtain a BSN), but the job assignments are identical.


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