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December 14, 2009


mary ort

viral, the spread of excitement, it makes you want to jump in and play. there was an interesting underlying thing i think, at first people were embarrassed, they wanted to look, but didn't want to be associated with the dance, but the more others jump in, it freed people to engage and enjoy more, as the pitch increased even the bystander were participating.
let that be so in cambodia, that as more and more jump into the dance of Christ... that the embarrassed and fearful bystanders will get caught up in the excitement of the dance of life around them and find the hope for themselves.


one group of people interrupting the routine and (sometimes) dismal lives of another group of people with a message of joy and hope. when life intersects, there can only be reaction. the determination of that reaction is dependent on the message it brings. i think we all want to be in rhythm with something. The music/dance Video 1 brings makes you want to move to the beat; the hope/everlasting life Video 2 delivers makes you want to move in the direction of Christ.

DC Curry


Thanks for giving us folks at home a taste of what God is doing all over this world!

Gene nice camera work man, this is AWESOME!

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