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July 28, 2009



You are exactly right. So many so called chritians live Godly in front of church then when they are in their world you can't tell them apart because of their words and deeds. We must start coming apart from the world if we ever intend to be a whitness to the lost world we live in. They have to see something different in us that they want or they will never listen and the church as a whole gets a bad rap.

Joshua Jones

I know that I did this for years and it's no wonder that I never seemed to grow in my relationship with Jesus. Church on Sunday and that was about it. If we were to hang out with our families for an hour a week you can imagine what our relationships with them would look like, and yet we expect different with our Lord and Savior? It's madness. Now I love church because it is a rejuvenation from the week and it equips me to go into the world and hopefully be an effective witness.

Rindy Walton



It is interesting that you blogged about this comment because I had a very similar conversation today on our prayer journey. I've been with Impact Ministries International praying over South Bend and its college campuses. Pretty amazing stuff!

Becky Bontreger

The past few generations have given the impression that bringing people to Christ meant bringing them to the church building so the Pastor could show them the way to become a Christian. And then, becoming a Christian meant becoming like the people who attended that church. It has left the "church" feeling very intimidated when it comes to personal mission. There is fear and feelings of inadequacy in, "what should I DO" to lead people to Christ. There is freedom in realizing we just have to BE. Looking to Be is much better than trying to Do. If we are Being the church, the pathway is much clearer for those who need to find their way.

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