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May 04, 2009



Very nice site, I think it is very well put together, congratulations!


Dear Rob,
This past Sunday, May 2nd. I went to church not expecting the SHOVE I recieved. I have attened GCC noe for about 4 1/2 years. This past January I started working at the Berrien County Juvenile Center, my job there is youth specialist which really is kinda a fancy name for babysitter/mom/friend/caretaker! There are some needs at the Juvenile Center such as a new Parenting Wisley program. You see we have a secure lockdown detention side and then on the other side of the building we do Residential Treatment which works on the youth and their families and helps reintergrate them back into their community. Problem is the material we have currently for our parenting wisely program is dated and not very effective. When I was talking with the head therapist she said that they had found a program that would be great but when they went to see about getting it they were told in was not in the budget. I wanted to do something but though...WHAT can I do??!! After this weekends service that moved me sooo much I went to the office and spoke with the head therapist and said I want a price list and info on the program that they want. I am on a mission to get this program for them!!!! I can make a difference!

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