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April 27, 2009



One of my favorite parts of her post - "my daughter's friend took us there" That is awesome!!!!


Oh my goodness, I am at a loss for words, and that is hard to do to me, lol! WOW, a Google alert huh, now how awesome is that? I hope you will be there on Saturday evenings because that is when I will be coming to GCC from now on I do believe. It is easier for my daughter to get my grand children around. Thank you so much for the wonderful warm welcome. God bless!


Dan Kyles

Hey Rob,

Sorry if this comment is mostly on the Mark Waltz post thing... It's more unusual than the other joyous response. :D

Just been thinking this over (infrequently) in the last few days.

Do you think that it's about how we're used to being communicated to?
Non verbal communication is a big part of what people actually hear, and not everyone has the same wirings.
Maybe there were some verbal or non-verbal cues that were missing for these critics.

Things that they were waiting for that would tell them "now we're talking about the gospel"; And having missed these cues, they assume the gospel was not preached?

Watched a ted talk today (Oct 2007 http://bit.ly/yioZX); there's a condition where the normal emotional response to visual stimuli is shut down, hence people visually recognise their own mother; but think she's an impostor. Because they don't emotionally respond when they see her.

Maybe it's a form of that?
Having missed the emotional cues, they fail to recognise their own saviour.

Worth a thought anyways. It's so fustrating how difficult it seems to communicate with clarity :S

Keep up the good work! ;D

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