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September 08, 2008


Rob Henschen

I'm a TU alum, Class of 1992....and I first heard Manning at that very same spiritual renewal week. Rich Mullins turned me on to the "Ragamuffin Gospel", which truly changed my life and my understanding of God's grace and love for me. That's an amazing book, and I hope and pray it touches many lives as you study it at GCC.


And I feel the same way when talking with you...

Why do I have to be a pioneer? Can't I be a gold miner? or Astronaut who gets to go out then come back?


I too had an awkward confrontation with Brennan. I saw him as a guest speaker at a church in New Jersey. In the words of St Francis of Asisi...I loved it.

I waited in line for 15 minutes to talk to him after and refused to plan anything to say in the attempt to be genuine. Big mistake. I got up there and couldn't think of a single thing.

"Were you nervous?" I said.


sa;dlfj;a what was I thinking?

Gene Ort

After being introduced to "Manning" some year and a half ago, I can truly say I have been changed. I am quick to say that it's not Brennan making the changes, but him speaking from his brokenness, and his awareness of this astounding love that the Father, Abba has lavished on us. Now, every time I see a child embrace a father figure, I am brought to tears. My christian experience has been transformed to this incredible realization that God, my Father, truly loves me. He does not just tolerate me because I signed on the " salvation system bottom line". I dont know how I survived so long in the christian system without really believing that God loves me like crazy. Whats even more amazing is He loves all of us that way.

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